DNS data SITI M=2
Mt=1.3 and Reθ=35

from Taylor, Grube & Martín
AIAA 2007-4197


We are working in the area of large-eddy simulation (LES), a turbulence modeling technique in which the contribution of the large, energy-carrying structures to momentum and energy transfer is computed exactly, and the effect of the smallest scales of turbulence is modeled using what we call subgrid-scale (SGS) models. While a substantial amount of research has been accomplished for LES of incompressible flows, applications to compressible flows have been significantly fewer. We are applying shock-capturing methods to this problem, using computational databases to assess the robustness of numerical methodologies and turbulence models for LES. This is an important step in making LES an indisputably reliable tool for predicting highly compressible flows including high-temperature flow physics. As part of this work, Dr. Martin and her students have developed a shock-confining filtering (SCF) technique that adapts its coefficients in response to the local smoothness of the flow solution.


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