Izaak Beekman
Hometown: New York, New York
Education: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, George Washington University, 2007
Research: Turbulent Boundary Layers with Transpiration
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Lian Duan Lian Duan
Hometown: Hengyang, China
Education: B.E. Engineering Mechanics, Beihang University, 2005
Research: Coupling of Turbulence and Finite Rate Reactions in Boundary Layer Flow
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Nathan Grube Nathan Grube
Hometown: Montoursville, Pennsylvania
Education: B.S. Aerospace Engineering, Penn State University, 2001
Research: Large-Eddy Simulation of High-Speed Flows
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Stephan Priebe Stephan Priebe
Hometown: Brussels, Belgium
Education: MEng in Aeronautical Engineering, Imperial College London
Research: DNS of Shockwave-Turbulent Boundary Layer Interaction
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