Columbia's Re-entryThe focus of the research in the CRoCCo (Cluster for Research on Complex Computations) Laboratory is to create the engineering foundation for the accurate prediction of turbulent hypersonic flows, developing theory and numerical methods, performing space and time-accurate simulations, designing new experiments to validate the numerical data, and collaborating with experimentalists. We are enthusiastic about our ongoing application of these methods to problems of interest to atmospheric hypersonic flight, supersonic combustion and access to space, such as the interaction of turbulence with shock waves, finite-rate reactions, surface catalysis and ablation, and radiation. In addition, we have begun to apply this research to general boundary layer flows with regard to the control of turbulence and better climate predictions. In the process of performing this research, we are establishing an open database of traceable, standardized wall-bounded turbulent flows. The database includes experimental and computational data. For the first time, these experiments and computations are being performed under the exact same conditions for a one-to-one comparison.

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